Five Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional to Install Your Curtains

Some people enjoy curtains for aesthetic reasons, as they can add an extra level of dimension to a design scheme. Others think of them as strictly utilitarian, adding to their home privacy while reducing the amount of sun that comes into the home. Most people fall into the middle of these two things. They want their home to be attractive, but they want privacy and light control as well.

One of the things to consider when purchasing curtains is whether or not professional curtain installation services in Singapore will be necessary. If someone purchases curtains from a big box store and has a rod already hanging at home, then professional installation probably won’t be necessary. However, there are some situations where having them professionally installed makes sense.

Custom Curtains

When someone spends money on custom curtains, it makes sense to let a professional install them as well. This will take any risk of harming the fabric off of the homeowner’s hands. If a contractor installs the curtains, they take responsibility for their condition until the install is successfully completed and the homeowner is satisfied with the result.

Odd Corners and Unusual Shapes

There are many homes that have odd places for their windows. This can make it difficult for a homeowner to install their own curtains and still make it look good. A professional installer will know how to put the curtains up on those weird shaped windows or in those oddly placed areas in a short amount of time.

Tall Walls

There are some people with very tall windows and no ability to reach the top. A professional installer has the necessary tools to get to multiple stories with a cherry picker or other kind of lift system that the average person doesn’t have.

Concrete Walls

Another consideration is when the walls are concrete. A hammer drill is necessary in order to properly screw into a concrete wall. Some homeowners don’t even own a regular drill, much less a hammer drill, but a professional does.

Specialty Hanging

Lastly, there’s the possibility that the curtains need to hang a certain way. Some curtains require a certain amount of expertise to get them hanging right and might include pleats, swags and panels.

If you’re getting new curtains, make sure that they are hung right. Working with a professional is the best way to ensure your curtains look their very best once they’re installed.