Tips When you First Vacation to Thailand

Will you be traveling first to Thailand? Of course, you have imagined exploring exotic temples, beautiful beaches, and tasting delicious cuisine. But wait, you must read the 5 checklists below so that your first experience in Thailand is free and becomes an unforgettable moment!

1. Basic preparation that you should not miss

Check the validity period of the passport is the first thing you have to do before leaving for Thailand.
This is very important before you go to Thailand: Make sure your passport validity limit is at least six months from the date of your return. If it turns out to be lacking, immediately extend the passport so that later it will not be hampered by immigration matters.

Regarding the visa, Thailand applies visa-free to 52 countries, including Indonesia. This visa-free is valid for short tourist visits with a maximum limit of 30 days if you enter Thailand via … Read More

5 of The Best Tourist Destinations in South America

Traveling around the world is the number 1 wishlist for backpackers or travelers. Which part of the world attracts you more? armed with the savings that you have collected so far from your work, so you can travel the world. Maybe with this article, you can add a destination reference or make a choice, which continent do you want to visit first?
Here are 5 of the most beautiful places you can visit while in South America.

1. Galapagos Island,

Ecuador When visiting this island, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean which is amazingly beautiful. The volcanic mountain range will stretch from this island, a full-set landscape located in Ecuador is nominated for a tourist destination with natural wealth with animals that are still beautiful and natural. Just for the fact, that the father of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin sparked his theory … Read More