Holiday Guide in Maldives

Maldives – an archipelago known for its underwater beauty and luxury resorts has become a byword among tourists. Stretching in the Indian Ocean with more than 1,100 islands and 26 atolls (circular coral islands), Maldives or also called Maldives offers a variety of pleasures for tourists who want to enjoy the “paradise of the world”.

No wonder if many tourists want to visit this country even if only once in a lifetime. Accommodating a luxury vacation in a remote place with beautiful views of the southwest of India is an advantage of Maldives.

For those of you who have never been to Maldives, the easiest way to visit this region is to use the services of a travel agent. Conversely, if you are craving a vacation to Maldives that is non-binding or freer, please follow the full guide below!

The best time to Maldives

As a tropical country, Maldives has two main seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season has little rainfall, the color of the blue sea is clean, and the humidity is low. Meanwhile, the wet season tends to be wetter which is characterized by wind and more intense rainfall. Therefore, the best time for Holidays to the Maldives is in the dry season, which is around November – April.

Not surprisingly, the Maldives in the dry season is full of tourists. Therefore, it is not surprising that a number of sudden resorts increased rental rates and airline tickets to the Maldives also jumped. As an alternative for tourists who prefer a holiday with a calm atmosphere, you can visit Maldives around September – November, before entering the high season.

For visa issues, you don’t need to worry because Maldives provides 30 days free visa for tourists from Indonesia. So, anyone can directly come to Maldives with just a passport and flight ticket.

Bring enough local currency

The Maldives currency is Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) *. You can use this currency to pay for ferries and food at local restaurants. However, a number of exclusive hotels and restaurants only accept payments in US Dollars. Therefore, make sure you bring enough Rufiyaa and Dollar money because it is difficult to find money changer around the local islands of Maldives.

Choose the right place to stay

The cost of living in the Maldives is arguably quite expensive. So, you have to be smart in choosing lodging in Maldives that fits the budget. Here’s the choice:

The guest house

Cheap accommodation is mostly located on local islands, such as Pulau Male, Guraidhoo, Hulhumale, Thulusdhoo, and Maafushi. Feel free to look for guest houses at low prices per night. Also make sure you ask for facilities that can be obtained, such as breakfast, bathroom, and others.