Main Places to visit in Qatar

Qatar is one of the countries in the Middle East region, close to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Traveling in Qatar has a thick Middle Eastern feel like you can find in tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia and tourist attractions in Bahrain. Qatar also has various culinary specialties of Qatar which you must taste at existing restaurants. You will also forget to buy Qatar souvenirs as memories and memories for family and friends.

Some famous tourist sites are in Qatar. One of them is a tourist spot in Doha which is famous for its luxurious life in tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Although the weather is hot and dominated by arid regions, there are several cultural parks that you can visit to refresh your eyes and relax. There are also various historical and religious sites that you can visit.

Here are 7 recommendations on tourist attractions in Qatar that you can visit.

1. Museum of Islamic Art

 At the Museum of Islamic Art, you can see various collections of Islamic cultural art that have been collected from three continents for 1400 years. The museum also has attractive architecture carrying a minimalist modern style that is very inviting. At the front of the museum, there is a very large pool to provide cool air for every visitor. Each area around the museum yard is also decorated with minimalist pillars that can be a unique photo backdrop.

You can see various types of Islamic cultural art on display with dramatic layout and lighting and very calculated aesthetic value. The museum display concept is guaranteed not to make you bored exploring every part of this museum. Ranging from ceramics, jars, beautiful fabrics, manuscripts in Arabic, and other collections are kept and always cared for in this museum.

Opening hours

• Saturday – Thursday: 09.00 a.m – 07.00 p.m

• Friday: 01.30 p.m – 07.00 p.m

2. Katara Cultural Village

 Katara Cultural Village is one of the tourist attractions in Qatar that is a shame if you miss it. Here, you can get to know and learn about various world cultures. This tourist area has a very thick multicultural value. With the concept of large areas such as settlements, every corner of the Katara Cultural Village accommodates various cultures from around the world.

As for the various landmarks at the Katara Cultural Village, which you can visit, the Greek-style amphitheater blends with Islamic culture, Katara’s Garden, The Golden Mosque, and The Mosque of Katara. Another famous landmark in this tourist area is Pigeon Tower which has a unique architecture.

Not only seeing the beauty of various landmarks, many cultural activities were held in this place. Ranging from handicraft workshops to cultural art performances held at the Drama Theater. This area is located in Doha, Qatar and is open to the public for 24 hours.

3. National Museum of Qatar

 It feels less if you visit a place and miss the opportunity to learn about culture and history. Don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Qatar. This country seems to appreciate the history and cultural heritage of the past. Many museums in this country have always been renovated to make it look modern and not outdated. So that local and foreign tourists will be interested in visiting this museum.

There are various collections that you can see in every corner of the museum which has a grand and luxurious interior. Starting from the collection of Islamic culture to modern paintings from Arabia. In this museum, there is also an exhibition of pearl stones, ranging from still shaped beads to beautiful pearl crowns. You can also learn and get a lot of information about the development of ancient Qatar towards modernization through various documentary documents and photos.

Opening hours

• Sunday – Thursday: 7.30 a.m – 01.30 p.m

4. The Corniche

 Want to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Doha? Visit The Corniche located along the side of Doha Bay. This area is a large open area, dedicated to pedestrians to relax while looking at the beautiful view of Doha Bay combined with beautiful modern buildings in Doha, Qatar.

This area is not far from various places of interest in Doha, starting from hotels, airports, and the Museum of Islamic Art. Local residents usually use this area as a jogging and jogging track, so that casual biking enjoys a cool breeze.

Not far from this area there is also one of Qatar’s landmarks in Doha, namely The Pearl Monument. It is a large shell-shaped monument with pearls on the inside. This landmark is a symbol of the city of Doha which has a variety of luxury facilities and places. This monument can be a unique photo background when you visit Qatar.

5. Megapolis Entertainment Center

 For those of you game lovers who like various fun games, visit Megapolis Entertainment with your friends and family. Tourist attractions in Qatar this one is a complete sophisticated entertainment venue. You can try various simulation arcade, bowling, karaoke, and billiard games in this one recreation area.

In addition, the facilities in this place are also complete, ranging from various restaurants to dining to souvenir shops to buy souvenirs. The complex in Megapolis Entertainment is designed like a small city with various entertainment outlets that you can enter.

Some popular simulators that are often the target of gamers in this place include; F1 simulator, Star Blade airplane simulator in the style of Star Wars, fighter aircraft simulator, and several other exciting simulator machines.

Opening hours

• Every day: 10.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m (early morning)

6. Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

 Another museum in Qatar that is a pity to miss, visit Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art. From the outside, this museum building has looked attractive with a minimalist design and dominated by monochrome colors. This building was once a school building which was later renovated and opened as a modern art museum in 2010.

The museum also has a minimalist interior that is very modern and attractive. Consisting of a large collection of modern paintings, this museum is equally unique with the Paris Louvre Museum which also stores various famous paintings.

This museum can also be a hangout for those of you who like art. There is a cafe with a modern interior in the museum area that you can visit to relax while drinking coffee. There is also a souvenir shop to buy souvenirs.

Opening hours

• Saturday – Thursday: 09.00 a.m – 07.00 p.m

• Friday: 01.30 p.m -07.00 p.m

7. Jebel Fuwairit Beach

 The hot air is perfect to spend on the beach while in Qatar. The popular tourist beach in Qatar is Jebel Fuwairit Beach. On this beach, you can see the beautiful blue sea view. The beach is also quite clean so that the location is still good for the size of a public beach. The edge of the beach is also decorated with many natural rocks, the white sand also becomes its own charm.

If you visit at dawn, maybe you can be lucky to see dolphins swimming at the sea level on this beach. In certain seasons, you can also see local flowers that grow on the beach.

You can also do diving and snorkeling on this beach. You can ask the receptionist where you stay information about various snorkeling and diving service agencies in Jebel Fuwairit.