Tips When you First Vacation to Thailand

Will you be traveling first to Thailand? Of course, you have imagined exploring exotic temples, beautiful beaches, and tasting delicious cuisine. But wait, you must read the 5 checklists below so that your first experience in Thailand is free and becomes an unforgettable moment!

1. Basic preparation that you should not miss

Check the validity period of the passport is the first thing you have to do before leaving for Thailand.
This is very important before you go to Thailand: Make sure your passport validity limit is at least six months from the date of your return. If it turns out to be lacking, immediately extend the passport so that later it will not be hampered by immigration matters.

Regarding the visa, Thailand applies visa-free to 52 countries, including Indonesia. This visa-free is valid for short tourist visits with a maximum limit of 30 days if you enter Thailand via an international airport, also make sure you have enough cash. Many restaurants and entertainment facilities in Thailand do not accept credit cards, so you have to pay in cash. Go to the money changer a few days before your departure to exchange rupiah with baht, Thai currency.

2. Bring clothes as needed and include at least two polite clothes

After getting a plane ticket and hotel, it’s time for you to pack. Since the climate in Thailand is the same as in Indonesia, you can use the clothes you wear every day.

You don’t need to carry a thick jacket and boots but just bring a cardigan and sneakers. Also, make sure you bring a minimum of two polite clothes like a shirt and skirt or trousers. Polite clothing (sleeves and not transparent) and shoes you must wear when visiting the temple.

3. Make sure the temple and beach are recorded in your itinerary

Not yet to Thailand, the name if you haven’t visited the temple and the beach. Although many modern tourist attractions that interest you more like the Bangkok Madame Tussauds Museum, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, and the Trick-eye 3D Museum, temples and beaches in Thailand you should not miss.

If you are traveling to Bangkok, don’t miss a visit to the Grand Palace complex. While about the beach, make sure you visit Phuket, Pattaya, Ko Samui, or Ko Phi Phi which are the prettiest beaches in Thailand.